Giving To Charities

As much as it’s fun to compile our Christmas lists of what we want to give other people, and what we want to receive, it’s important to give to charities so that others around the world can have a wonderful Christmas.
This year I am compiling a list of charities people can donate there time or money to. It is not a guilt trip, but a reminder to myself that Christmas should also be about giving to someone who might not necessarily give back.

Your local homeless task force: an round estimated 634,000 people are homeless in the United States. Volunteering or donating will help give people homes.

The ASPCA helps prevent animal abuse, and rescues animals from horrible conditions every day, not just dogs and cats but horses and turtles and farm animals. According to the ASPCA every ten seconds an animal is abused.

The Heifer Project. They’re an international charity where people buy farm animals to be sent to third world countries to help families live a better life. You can buy as small as a chicken, up to a cow to be sent to third world countries.

Typhoon Haiyan has hit the Philippines like Sandy hit the east coast last year. Thousands of people are without homes, food, or clean water. You can donate to the many charities, but Waves for Water is a charity helping get clean water to the victims.


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