Traveling Tips

Since it is the Christmas season, and I am a bit late at putting something lie this up, I wanted to give you all my tips on traveling. So many people travel this time of the year, and I’m sure I can’t be the only one who packs little things in my carry on because they actually ARE needed. Even if others think I’m an over packer.

1. Watch
If you bring a watch, an actual watch and not your phone, set it to the time in your destination it will help you to eat and sleep at your normal schedule. This will help with jet lag.

2. Water
Always drink water. Especially because planes have recycled air, and dehydrate you. Try to drink a full water bottle every hour. If it means you use the bathroom fourteen times so be it. At least your body will thank you later.

3. Your Outfit
Dress in layers. Airplanes are notoriously cold and even if you are headed someplace warm, you don’t want to be miserable on the plane. Dress in layered tank tops, bring a thick cardigan, and a pair of comfortable jeans, leggings will be to thin. If you are prone to having cold feet like I am, wear zip up boots and comfortable socks. If your not slip on shoes like ballet flats or loafers are better.

4. Skincare/Makeup
Airplanes wreak havoc on your skin. Don’t wear makeup but apply moisturizer often as well as lip balm. If you have to go someplace as soon as you get off the plane bring the barest minimum; concealer, mascara, and blush. If you need a refresher pack a travel sized of your perfume. Just don’t go spray happy, you don’t want to the person who everyone is glaring at because they air is now saturated with perfume.

5. Entertainment
Bring headphones, music, and if you own one a kindle or reading tablet. If you don’t read incredible fast like I do one book might suffice, but a reading tablet will help you carry a lot without weight.

Good Luck and I hope your Christmas traveling is good.


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