Anticipating the Eve

I enjoy December as a whole. Not just because Christmas is in it. Although Christmas day is wonderful, I enjoy the days leading up to Christmas even more. There is cleaning the house for an annual Christmas party, there is standing in the kitchen with flour on your nose, and apron while you churn out literally hundreds of cookies. Then you bag and box them to be sent to teachers, classmates, close relatives, and the far of distant cousins in Ohio that everyone has but never seems to visit. It’s work, but it’s fun because as you send your father on his thousandth trip to the grocery store, he tweaks your nose as he’s putting stuff away and sneaks a cookie. There is the hanging of stockings, and bringing the tree out and then decorating it at night, and only at night because lit Christmas trees have a magic look to them. Getting the tree is an important journey, whether or not you unbox it, or go up into the mountains to cut it down. Annual music and movies start to pop up. Not to forget, making my list (and checking it twice) and pulling out the money I’ve saved up for weeks to buy everyone’s presents. Making sure each gift is perfect, hand making things, and ransacking the stores. Candy canes, and fully loaded hot chocolate. The spirit of Christmas is giving, but the feeling of Christmas is excitement. Everyone is taking joy in simple things and it is an entire season dedicated to giving to others. The Climax of waiting until Midnight on Christmas eve to try and catch St. Nick under the tree. This is the reason I love the weeks leading up to Christmas even more than Christmas itself. Those magical moments where I look at the tree with it’s lights so beautiful, with all the presents wrapped below them, and it is a moment of pure happiness at the simplest thing.

This is my first short story, tell me what you guys think.


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