The Salty Sea

The Salty Sea

Toes are kissed,
by gentle waves.

The wind,
smells of salt
tickles bare skin
and blows hair in every direction.

Gritty sand,
it gets everywhere
but I don’t mind

I love those days
when it’s cloudy
and no one is on my beach

My little piece of paradise.

Mama always said I was born half fish.
My mermaid cousins
Dreaming of a tail, and gills
so that I could really see the ocean.

Sailing in my boat
with water around me for miles.
There is nothing better.

Sometimes the Sea Screams,
and the waves crash
it’s destructive.
The wind howls
telling tales of what my ocean has seen.

People huddle inside scared.
But I walk out,
and sit on the beach.
The ocean rushes past me,
When mama comes and gets me
my lips and toes are blue
but I don’t shiver
Instead I go out to meet my sea.
My beautiful Salty Sea.

*Original Poem


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