You Can

You Can

I think I can doesn’t exist.
You either can or you can’t.
And 99% of the time,
You can.
You just put up imaginary roadblocks.
You want it enough?
People don’t think they can,
because they look at how far they have to go
instead of how far they’ve come.
When you were little
you didn’t think you could tie your shoes.
But you sat on the step and did it over
and over
and over
until you could.
It may not have been pretty,
you may have needed to retie them two minutes later
but you still did it.
When people are little they took pride in what they did.
Even if it wasn’t important to other people.
It was important to you.
Go at everything with that kind of determination.
It may not be pretty
but people are just people.
And those who have accomplished greatness
is because they put in sweat and blood to make it work.
People don’t have the kind of lucky life
where everything is handed to them.
You can.
So go out and do it.
If someone is telling you
that you can’t
They’re lying.

*Original Poem


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