2013 Blogging Year

2013 was a big year for me, I moved into a new house, home schooled for a semester, got a new dog, started at a new school, joined the swim team, got braces. Because this blog hasn’t been here for an entire year, ( and mostly because I have a horrible memory and couldn’t remember the first half of the year), I’m doing Welcome To Adventures year.


Favorite Post
Symphony of Light


What Happened: I changed my blog name and gave it a makeover. My original name was KeliKat, then I was Mirrored Walls, and finally Welcome To Adventure. On Father’s day we brought Lucy Lu home.



Favorite Post
Back To High School


What Happened: I got my drivers permit, started at a new school, and Joined the swim team.


Favorite Post


What Happened: I had my first themed photoshoot, and I dressed up as Suzie Bishop for Halloween.



Favorite Post
No Occasion But Life


What Happened: I took the 30 day photography challenge, had a birthday, I volunteered at a local charity party, had our first Thanksgiving in our new house.


Favorite Post


What Happened: We had our first Christmas in our new house, and I got braces.


Things I was obsessed with in 2013
TV: Pretty Little Liars, Once Upon A Time, How I Met Your Mother, Saturday Night Live.
Music: Lorde Royals, Owl City Midnight Station Album, Lady Gaga Applause, Foxes Beauty Queen.
Food: Soy Milk Iced Coffee, Evans Brothers Coffee, Homemade Guacamole, French Butter Cookies
Books: Divergent, Daddy Long Legs and Dear Enemy, Rookie Yearbook 1, House of Hades.
Movies: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Marie Antoinette, Moonrise Kingdom, Catching Fire, The Delivery Man, Oz Great and Powerful, Now You See Me.
My Favorite Clothing: Striped Cardi
Favorite Trend: Knee Socks
Favorite Shoes: My Black Converse
Random: Red Lipstick, Thrift Shopping, Playing with my dog in the morning, My iPhone, Sleepover Parties, Planning how to decorate my room, Instagram, Collecting leather jackets,


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