Thrift Shopping


I love thrift shopping. A ton of things in my closet are thrifted. I have no shame. Thrifting gives me the opportunity to find brand name clothes for super cheap, and clothes no one else will have for even cheaper. It’s a treasure trove of vintage. For the thrifting newbies, or for people who often get discouraged her are some of my tips.

1. Wear easy comfortable clothing. Tank top, t-shirt, skirt or leggings. Below is what I wore. Dresses are not the best if you want to try on bottoms, but my thrift shopping today was impulsive and not planned. ( Note I didn’t have anyone with me to take pictures which is why I used the mirror)


2. Do not be hungry, or tired, it is preferable that you are excited, and high energy. Thrifting takes time. Racks are stuffed with ugly sweaters and skirts that aren’t your size. Be patient.

3. Things can always be tailored. If you are like me, and don’t know how to sew, clothing pieces can always be taken to the tailors. If it’s to big, or to long it can be fixed. Just know if you are actually going to take it to the tailors or let it sit in your drawer.

4. Only bring a companion if they like thrifting too. If not go alone. Also make sure you don’t wear the same size in clothing or in shoes. This is so when you see an amazing pair of jeans, or the cutest shoes you have ever seen there won’t be that mad rush of who saw it first.

5. Look through all the sections. Men have amazing shirts, flannels and sweaters. You want an oversize lazy day shirt? The men’s section will have you covered. You can find amazing things in every section, you just have to dig. There will be mess, if your persistent you will be rewarded.


Top photo google. Dress: H&M, Leggings: Tommy Hilfiger, Jacket: Wet Seal, Boots: Stride Rite, Purse: Thrifted.


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