Finals Survival Guide

Finals are not fun. Anyone anywhere will tell you. I always wanted a guide on everything I could need to survive finals, so I’m making one for those who feel the same. Since my finals will be this week. (Aka Tomorrow) this is going to make up for my complete lack of outfit posts.

Top Ten Study Tips
1. Prioritize by most important. Do what’s the most painful first. Then move on to the easier things for you. For me English or French would be at the top, and history at the bottom.
2. Study in shorter chunks. You will be studying until your brain hurts so study for two hours and then give yourself a ten minute break. Stretch, grab a drink or a snack. Check instagram or snapchat your friends. Just don’t turn on the TV.
4. Make sure you eat brain food. Blueberries, bananas, any kind of fruit, nuts, just not potato chips.
5. Color code your notes. I don’t know why this works, it just does. Do it, it really will help.
6. Flashcards help with memorization. Saying them out loud. Make two piles, ones you got right and ones you didn’t. That way you know exactly what area you need to study in.
7. Get help. Mom, dad, sister, brother, distant cousin who is an expert in the subject, or make a study group. It’s totally cool.
8. Good night sleep. Sleeping is better for the next day when you need to remember things. You won’t be so tired. You may have not gone over chapter six. It’s OK.
9. Drink water. This is a must every day but especially when you want your brain to remember things.
10. Whatever happens will happen so don’t stress about it and make yourself sick. It’s just a test. You will be fine afterwards.

Random tips that really help

1. Light a soothing scented candle. It will make your room cozier, which in turn will help you relax and focus on studying.

2. If you’re freaking out, so will your skin. I love masks and my skin does as well so put one on and let it harden while you memorize prefixes. This one is cucumber and lets you peel it off. Weird, but oddly fun.

3. Take a break and paint your nails. Focus one this until you’re done and chances are you’ll be a little more focused.

4. I have no time to put makeup on in the morning while I’m studying so put on a pretty blush to help your skin look like it has gotten sleep. This one is Covergirl’s cheekers in Snow Plum.

5. Bright lips help distract from exhausted eyes. This is good! This lipstick is NYX in Narcissus.

6. Exercise is always a good stress reliever. Top: Gifted, Shorts: Sports Authority, Hoodie: Jcpenney, Headband: No Idea.

The I Just Finished My Class Presentation And May Have Gotten These Jeans Off the Floor outfit.
Top: Arizona, Jeans: Arizona, Blazer: JCpenney.

The I Fell Asleep On My Textbook And Slept In This outfit.
Top: Macy’s, Vest: Macy’s, Leggings: Tommy Hilfiger.

The I Actually Have Everything Together outfit
Top: LLBean, Jeans: Forever 21.

The Finals Are Over And It’s Friday! I’ll Make Some Effort outfit.
Top: Rue 21, Skirt: Savvy Courture, Hoodie: JCpenney, Jacket: Jcpenney.


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