A Different Set Of Lenses

A Different Set Of Lenses

I have a square perspective.
It hangs around my neck.
It’s bulky and old and it costs the earth,
But it’s my whole life.
Right there.

I see things differently than you do.
Through a frame.
I have a superpower.
It’s sheer magic, real world magic.

You press a button,
And a shutter goes off.
I’ve just caught that moment
That exact moment in time
Where something horrible, wonderful, or just completely ordinary happened.
That is extraordinary.

People walk by
A hundred
A thousand
A billon
Moments in time.

They just don’t notice them.
You have to be looking.
Not just for pretty things.
Sometimes, they can be awful.
They can make someone sick.

But that moment, that exact moment
has just been preserved forever.
Those years and days and hour and minutes waiting up until that moment.
That moment, when someone looks at it
They can see directly into the past.
That exact moment

I have a square perspective.

*Original Poem


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