The Chronicles of Adventure

This week we had two unexpected cold days on Wednesday, and Thursday. It was at least -10 colder with wind chill, and the school gave us little mini weekends during the week. It was so nice to get those little surprises. Both of the days I woke up early, but I honestly enjoy having the house to myself for a couple of hours. My dog is really happy to see me and thumps her tail. I get a greeting from someone who is happy to see me. I get to see the sun wake up and that beautiful haziness where the whole world looks slightly blurry, and softer. I get to start the day at my pace. On Wednesday when I have to ruse down to get to the fashion meetings with my mom and grandma after school, we didn’t have to do that. It was slow, which for me I always like. I go at everything a million miles per hour and it’s always really nice to sit back and breathe.

My new Lucky and Teen Vogue magazines. I loved the clothes in the photoshoot with Lea Michele.

The art in the conference room where the fashion makeover lessons are held.

All the black clothing I own, plus props and accessories for the Witches Brew photoshoot.

Added new sheets to my inspiration binder.

Early mornings and late nights are my favorite kind. You can watch the sun wake and and go to sleep.


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