Running Away To Have An Adventure


Packing List
1. Spare clothes
2. Extra socks
4. Gloves, for when it gets cold.
5. Hairbrush, you have to look neat.
6. Toothbrush
7. Journal
8. Book to read
9. Letters
10. Sewing kit
11. Umbrella
12. Dream catcher, for nightmares.
13. Camera
14. Old stuffed animal
15. Extra hair bow

I always find old books where the kid runs away and goes on this fantastic wonderful and usually magical journey to be really fun. I’m not sure why really. It’s fun to pretend like I would run away even though I know I’m not going to. Go off to see an adventure. This list might apply a little better when I was younger and I couldn’t possibly leave any of my stuffed animals home.







Sweater: Tommy Hilfiger, Skirt: Savvy Couture, Knee Socks: Walmart, Shoes: Thrifted, Jacket: Jcpenney, Bag: Zany Zebra, Earings: Vintage, Necklace: Vintage.


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