Laugh A Lot And Live A Lot


I hope everyone’s week was fantastic! I had a spectacular week for some reason as though my luck was overflowing and decided to give me an entire week of good days. There were of course some weird moments, always weird moments in my life, and some more stressful ones, but on the whole it really was fabulous. I cut my hair which I always love to do. I’m not really patient enough to grow my hair down to my butt like some girls. Often when I get board and want change my hair is the first thing that I pick.
I also finally felt like a half-way normal teenager this Friday. Now when I saw half-way normal, I mean that nothing is ever really “normal” for me. After school I hung out at the beach with my friends, and then at seven went to a school play called Auntie Mame with two of my other friends. Also to clear up any confusion, I live by Lake Pend Oreille, and we have a waterfront area called City Beach where we all go to swim. I don’t know how it got it’s name since we don’t live by the ocean, but if you forsake the salt, it kind of looks like the ocean.





Shirt: Jcpenney, Scarf: Zany Zebra, Jeans: Forever 21, Jacket: Cabi, Shoes: Thrifted.


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