How To Be More Photogenic

Having to take my pictures thousands of times for my blog I’ve gotten much better at looking good in photographs. Most people I’m sure are like I used to be, people who try to hid there face when the camera pops out, and hate the way the photos look after. It sounds terribly narcissistic, but I’ve practiced enough to learn what poses, and angles look best for my body.

1. Look in the mirror. Yes it might feel extremely vain but if you practice looking at yourself you’ll learn which angles look better. Maybe you should angle your face to the right but your body to the left. finding out what angles make you look good, with help you become more comfortable in photographs.


2. Make little tweaks to your posture. Relax your shoulders but don’t slump them, don’t face the camera head on. Turning at an angle helps slim down the lines of your body. Turning your face towards the camera, and your body away a bit also creates more of a visually interesting picture.


3. Know your angles. I personally feel that my face looks better when it’s angled to the right. Most people don’t have perfectly symmetrical faces, so there usually is a side that you prefer to be photographed from. Just as most people usually prefer the left or right hand they also might like the left or right angles of your face.


4. Bugged eyes, and a stiff surprised look is something that I used to be often guilty of when the camera was pulled out. Thinking of something funny, or relaxing helps to keep from looking stiff. I like to imagine a friend standing behind the camera so I get a genuine toothy grin.


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