Sweet Song Of Freedom Underneath The Tires

I love road trips. Snacking, watching the scenery go by, napping for as long as you want, that feeling when you jump out of the car and stretch your legs I love it all. There are many things that make a road trip more enjoyable but music is one of them. I’ve never made a playlist before but these are songs I love to listen to on the road.

The Sound Of San Francisco by Global Deejays

King and Lionheart by Monsters and Men

Acapella by Karmin

Little Talks by Monsters and Men

Let Her Go by Passenger

Mowgli’s Road by Marina and the Diamonds

Applause by Lady Gaga

Dreams and Disasters by Owl City

Beauty Queen by Foxes

Thank You by MKTO

On Top Of The World by Imagine Dragons

Good Time by Owl City

Diet Mountain Dew by Lana Del Ray

Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

Safe and Sound By Capital Cites

It’s Time by Imagine Dragons

Classic by MKTO

Mountain Sound by Monsters and Men


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