Fashion Show

2014-01-18 02.00.12
One of my Before pictures.

The Women’s Council Of Realtors in Coeur d’Alene hosts a fashion show every year as a charity event. Last year my Mom, my Grandma, one of my Mom’s friends and I attended, expecting a typical fashion show; but instead we were blown away. It was more of a makeover showing people’s before and afters. The message of the show was not, however, you need clothes, shoes, makeup, and a haircut to look beautiful, rather it was about taking who you were on the inside and projecting it outward. The same person packaged a little differently, but still wearing what they loved and felt comfortable in. The advisor, Linda Davis, educated people on why things looked good or bad, depending on personality, body type, height or shape.

This year when the email came around asking for volunteers, my Mom and I thought it would be fun to do as a mother-daughter duo. Then when we brought my Grandma to one of the meetings, she was asked if she would like to do the event with us, as a three generation of grandmother-mother-daughter. Linda Davis, who runs a company called Moxie, is in charge of the image consulting, lessons, and generally the whole shebang. She is a wonderful woman who taught us all with great patience and kindness, and it was an absolute dream to work with her.

Prep before the show consisted of meetings taught by Linda on Wednesday nights (something to pull off since I was doing homework in the back of the car); we introduced ourselves to the other volunteers, and then had lessons on line and design of clothing, colors that flattered your skin type, and what type of style personality you had. Personality was determined by a number of things: your height, your colors, your personal style, and of course your actual personality. The personalities were: classic, natural, gamin, ingenue, romantic, and dramatic. Both natural and gamin are the same- more casual and easy styles, but naturals are tall and gamins are shorter. Ingenue is more vintage young style that teenagers might have. Most people have one personality with one or two offsets, such as natural-classic, or classic-dramatic-romantic. My personality was classic-gamin, classic-dramatic, and classic-romantic. (As you have seen I have multiple fashion personalities. Linda had never had someone have that many personalities before.)

Our colors, which are very important, were determined by the base of our skin tone. Whether you had blue undertones, red undertones or yellow undertones made the same shade of blue look very different. Then when your colors were determined you purchased a color stick, they resembled paint chips in a way, (see mine below) of your colors and shades which makes shopping so much easier. We were also coached on line and design. An example of this is shown by your body type. A girl with high round hips looks very good in a shift dress. I don’t have high round hips, so I look better in a fit-and-flare style dress as it showcases my waist. Our body types were all based off of our legs, hips, shoulders, heights, and waists. We weren’t classified as “Pears” or “Apples” or “Hourglass” but rather which kind of body parts we had. Example tapered, wide, or sloped shoulders.

For the show itself, after we had been properly educated, we went collecting. Collecting was the term we used because rather than shopping, which is seasonal and doesn’t last. Collecting means you’re looking for pieces that last a lifetime. Pieces that last and work with everything else in your wardrobe, although they don’t have to be basics. The collecting process consisted of us piling clothes until our carts were overflowing and then retreating into the dressing room. We had to try on every piece so we could fully understand why something looked good or bad on us. Each person in the show wore two outfits (see below for mine) and the collecting experience was really fun. Each of us also had our hair cut and colored at 3B hair salon in CDA. Because, as you know, hair is extremely important. I have never met a women who didn’t believe in the power of a good hair day. My Mom, Grandma, and I also got our nails done before the event for a little pamper treatment.

The show call time was 11:00 a.m., and we had our hair and makeup done, and practiced our walk on the runway. Then we waited until 5:00 p.m. to put on our outfits. Once you had your outfit on you weren’t supposed to eat, drink or sit down to avoid disasters. The show itself, as a guest, consisted of being served dinner, a silent auction to bid on, and of course the show itself. Linda goes through each person, talking about their outfit and some line and design or colors that might be specific to them, for the audience’s education on the process while a screen shows your before picture in the background.

The whole experience was a whirlwind, but it was amazing and so much fun for me, the little fashion diva, to learn. The message of the whole show though isn’t at all about consumerism. It is dressing yourself well for you because you deserve it. It is wearing what you feel and look good in because you’re showing our pre-judging society exactly who you are before you say a word. It’s about giving yourself the confidence you deserve.

3b hair salon- If you’re in the area, check it out! I’m extremely picky about getting my hair cut and colored. They do an amazing job!

Photo Credit goes to Brooke Hanson of Designs by Brooke for the wonderful photography.

*Disclamer. I am not being sponsored to talk about this experience, I’m doing it because I enjoyed it and I want to share it with my lovely readers. All opinions stated are my own.

Linda Davis teaching us.

Learning about the personalities.

First Collecting trip, me and my mom.

Yes or No?

Top: Unknown, Skirt: H&M, Jacket: Jcpenney, Shoes: Converse, Hat: Candies.

*My own photo
My colors. I look good in white-white, silver (not gold), black, chocolate brown, no tans or beige’s my neutral is taupe, classic red, leprechaun green, clear yellow, and royal blue among others.

Practicing the catwalk. Top: Arizona, Skirt: H&M.

Hair Time!

Me, My grandma, and my mom before the show started.

Me with some of the other girls, from left to right; Moi, Hanna, Chase, and Darby.

Photobomb level: Kelly.

My first Catwalk outfit. Top: Thrifted at Bizarre Bazaar, Scarf: Vintage, Belt: Michel Kors, Jeans: Not Your Daughters from Nordstrom’s Rack.

My Second Outfit: Dress: Betsy Johnson, Shoes: Nine West, Earrings: Betsy Johnson, Bracelet: Unknown, Necklace: Unknown.


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