Gimme That Swing


A little party never hurt nobody, we gon’ dance until we drop.

The 1920’s. The years where being excessive was celebrated and people lost themselves in being outrageous. Glamorized and exposed in Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby. I think I was born in the wrong era. Putting on red lipstick, and swinging freely until dawn. Flappers were the original glamorous rebels. Chopping their hair in bobs, shocking their families. Swinging in dresses that exposed a little leg. It was the time when young people abandoned societies norms. It was when alcohol flowed freely, skirts got shorter, and corsets were ditched for loose dresses that you could dance in. It was the gilded age of the United States.








Dress: Vintage, Headband: Claire’s, Earrings: Betsy Johnson, Heels: Nine West, Lipstick: NYX butter Lipstick in Big Cherry.


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