Sticky seats
Bags used as pillows
Leggy teenagers sprawled across
seats and laps
Summer time sweat
and empty soda cans
Music so loud you can’t hear
Singing along to rock & roll
150 miles per hour
On an empty stretch of highway
No A/C in the used VW van
Sunny and hot as blue blazes
Parents calling you asking
“Are you brushing your teeth?”
Teenage screaming
Milkshakes at dawn
Eight of us in one hotel room
we can’t afford anything else
Making out
and breaking stranger’s hearts
Watching the sun rise
As you sit with your head in your friends lap
Daisy chain braid into hair
Surviving off mac and cheese,
french fries, tacos, and hot dogs
All American Food
Standing on a bridge at midnight
Stopping the car
and yelling as loud as you can
that you’re the kings of the world
We’re all beautiful and stupid and reckless
we’ll never be this young again





Shirt: Rue 21, Shorts: Macy’s, Kimono: Pacsun, Shoes: Converse, Earrings: Vintage, Lipstick: NYX butter lipstick in Big Cherry.


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