I Love Spring Tag

Normally you see this tag going around youtube, vloggers showing people their favorite things about spring, I always enjoyed watching these videos and I thought that it might be fun for me to do that tag for you all. In case you haven’t noticed I’m really excited about spring. So here are the questions, I modified a couple, and let me know if you do this tag, or you would like to see more.

The original creator Ingrid Nilson

What is your favorite spring nail polish?

My favorite spring nail polish is Minted by Revlon. It’s a gorgeous mint green which is my favorite color for spring. The nail polish formula is great with two coats to become completely opaque.


What is your favorite spring lip product?

My favorite lipstick’s, because I can’t decide between two, is Revlon’s lip butters in Cotton Candy, and Sweet Tart. There buttery, moisterizing, and have fun spring girly colors. Cotton Candy is lighter and sweeter while Sweet Tart is more the pop of color pink.



What is your favorite spring dress?

My favorite spring dress is this one from Macy’s. It’s got a crazy fun tribal print, a cadged neckline, and a high low hem all at once but it isn’t crazy over the top. It’s just really fun and reminds me of the days to come where I don’t need a cardigan with my dresses.


What is your favorite flower?

I have to say that Roses are probably my favorite flower. I love roses in non-traditional colors like yellow and purple or roses that are mixed with more than one color. They are just so pretty, and they have a very subtle scent which is good because floral scents can often give me a headache.

Taken from Pinterest

What is your favorite spring accessory?

My favorite spring accessories are flower crowns. I love the sweet and quirky bohemian vibe it gives off. I own two at the moment which are both from Claire’s I’m hoping to make my own soon because I love them. I think you’ll be seeing me wear floral crowns quite a bit this season.

Taken from Pinterest.

What spring trends are you excited for?

I did a spring trend post a couple of months ago, linked here.
I have to say I’m not much of a trend follower but my favorite trend for spring is the prairie look. This look is a good example, taken from Fashion Toast


What is your favorite spring drink?

I welcome the coming of iced coffee! I love my daily cup of jo when it’s iced, and it’s a fresh new part of my routine since I drink tea or coffee every morning. Spring is so nice because it’s warm in the mornings and afternoon sometimes, or just cool enough, so drinking iced coffee is perfect.


What is your favorite spring activity?

My favorite spring activity is picnics and outdoor parties. Food in the spring and summer is just so delicious and it is only fueled by eating outside. Of course there always will be that one point where a bee flies over or the flies swarm something but picnics and parties are my favorite things. It’s the introduction into fresh produce and grilling vegetables, and fruit salads, and smoothies instead of warm foods during the winter.

What is your favorite thing about spring?

My favorite thing about spring is that is always feels so fresh and new like the whole world is starting over. I always feel like the start of every year begins in the spring. I love how green everything is, and the rain! I love rain, and thunderstorms and it is just so beautiful and cheerful.

Are you a spring cleaner?

I’m not a huge spring cleaner but I do have the urge every spring to re-arrange my room and purge unworn clothing out of my wardrobe. I think it’s how new everything is and I just love mix it up by making things a little different.

Do you have or had any spring break plans?

I already had my spring break, although I know some people still might have there spring breaks going on now. My family and I road tripped down to Las Vegas Nevada to meet my grandparents. I have never been to Las Vegas so it was fun for me to experience a new city.


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