Coffee is my first love


Warm and smooth, creamy and delicious. Cups with latte foam art or drizzled details that add to the flavor such as caramel or chocolate. The feeling of warmth and happiness in my early grey mornings, it’s a safe feeling. Once that is almost a blanket wrapped around you, a hug from some unknown person. The quiet feeling in coffeehouses with their out of the wall and urban looks. As if your secret to their locations and their recipes. Laughing with friends while you study, trying to remember Greek vocabulary, and how to conjugate french verbs. It’s something beautiful, a little cup of heaven. I must admit that sometimes I wonder how a little miracle cup works it’s wonders so well. I drink so many cups of both tea and coffee. It’s not a “problem” just a lifestyle choice. I like to thank whomever came up with my little cup of jo every morning.



Top: DIY, Jeans: Forever 21, Jacket: Wet Seal, Belt: Unknown, Boots: Nordstrom’s Rack, Bracelet: Vintage, Coffee Mug: Starbucks.


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