Curly Hair Tutorial For People With Short Hair


I used to have a lot of trouble curling my hair and getting the curls to stay put and not fall out so half my head is curly and half of it is straight. I recently started doing this routine to my hair and the curls stay all day and have that perfect messy texture I love.

You will need
A heat protectant
A Sea Salt Spray
A Hairspray
A brush
And a curling iron


It’s good to have second day hair with this look. Although your hair can be clean I prefer for the oils from second day hair to help your hair grip the product more. Always for the first step, plug in your curling iron and then spray your heat protectant thoroughly through your hair and brush it in so all the product is throughout the entirety of your hair. We have to protect our hair guys!


You’re going to spray your sea salt spay throughout the roots of your hair for some volume and then you need to spray at the tips and middle of your hair. Make sure not to soak your hair though! Then you will have to wait for it to dry so you don’t fry your hair with the curling iron. Take random chunks and twist them into tight spirals. Hold them for 10-20 seconds and then drop them. The spirals will stay and loosen into curls. You want to do this randomly through your hair.


Already you will see random curly sections and messy texture.


Next take the sections of hair you didn’t twist and curl them. I alternated between the wand styling technique, which is were you wrap pieces around the barrel and hold them there, and using the clamp. I also alternated between curling up towards my face, and down away from my face to give it variety and make it look more natural.


Make sure to lightly spray hairspray all over your hair to insure that the curls stay and don’t fall out.


The finished product and beautiful head of curly hair! This routine is perfect because I had never really been able to curl my hair before, and when I did it with my short hair it looked liked Shirley Temple. Hope this was helpful to everyone!


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