The Chronicles of Adventure

An old fashioned tea cup is the best way to drink tea by far.

I’m starting to sound like a broken record. My weekly pictures even seem to be a variation of repeats. Honestly this whole week was an entire blur. I’m trying to pick out singular moments and it’s hard. I can’t even really remember if it was a good or bad week. It just was a week. Nothing more or less. It’s kind of sad when someone asks you how your week was and when you actually think about it you don’t know. The moments speed by and your hardly aware of how they go by but at the same time you want to have the day over because who really wants to slave away at work or school. I happen to love school and learning but sometimes I want an oblivion moment. A timeless little chunk of life were nothing seems to go by but within it you can do what you enjoy, or maybe what you don’t enjoy but your time isn’t spent on someone else. It’s your choice.

Flowers blooming everywhere it makes me so happy!

Lucy will often try and join my photoshoots.

Look how green the backyard is!


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