It’s been hard to write posts lately. I usually take my outfit pictures after school during the week and then do five or six posts on the weekends. Usually the day I take the pictures I have plenty to say about the day, but when I get down to writing for each post that weekend it all becomes lost. So I end up posting where it’s just outfit pictures and nothing about what may have inspired, irritated or just noticed about the day. Everyone assumes that when you look at a blog it took maybe ten or twenty minutes to do a post. That’s not the case. Often I second guess myself because my life is pretty routine and ordinary. Why would anyone want to read that? So I talk about how I put together an outfit even if it was one that was thrown together that I put no thought into at all. It’s a fallback.


Top: DIY, Leggings: Tommy Hilfiger, Vest: Jcpenney, Boots: Nordstrom.


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