What To Do In Sandpoint: Lost In The 50’s


Every year our town throws a Lost In The 50’s themed day. It’s usually on the third or fourth Friday of the month of May. Lots of people dress up in 1950’s style clothing poodle skirts, leather jackets, greaser hair, the works. We have a parade where everyone drives their old vintage cars in town through main street, booths that sell hamburgers and kettle corn, and after there’s a street dance with 1950’s themed music. The next day main street is shut down with cars and you can walk around and admire all the vintage cars. I used to think every town did this. I only just realized it was a Sandpoint thing yesterday. It’s a fun thing that our town does every year and if your ever in town during the time I would recommend going. It’s one of those quirky small town celebrations that I always have a blast going to. It’s amazing how the whole town gets into it and we even have people drive down from Canada with their vintage cars to be in the parade.












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