Kate Moss


I feel like I haven’t done a style inspiration post in a really long time. Most of us know who Kate Moss is, but for those of us who don’t she’s a British model who rose to fame in the 90’s. She was known for her early Calvin Klein jeans campaign. He style mostly at the time was part of the heroin chic look. Yes, that is a look. Instead of trying to look perfectly put together the object was to look as messy and grungy as possible. Without, you know, looking awful. This contrasted at the time to known supermodels like Cindy Crawford, who looked vibrant dewy and glowy. I found this picture of Kate Moss when she was young and thought it would be fun to recreate. Although I’m not sure completely of Kate’s style since I don’t follow her or her career, this is more of what I imagined she might be wearing. Also as a side note, my hand that’s posed quite weirdly is made to look like I’m holding a cigarette just as she is doing in the picture. However I do not smoke and I never will.









Dress: Forever 21, Sweater: St. John’s Bay, Boots: Nordstrom’s, Hat: Barrowed from mom.


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