A Normal Teenager


I have a really full schedule. I play two sports, swimming and dance, and I have a fully loaded set of classes. This isn’t to say I’m complaining because I chose to do this. However, sometimes it’s hard not to feel like you never get to hang out with your friends. I always love when I can hang out with my friends during the week without feeling like I’m forsaking my studies. This past Wednesday my friends and I went to a frozen yogurt shop and hung out. We all of course had way to much sugar, and we’re a all a tad crazy when we’re together but we had a blast. I felt like I had just been recharged because I was relaxing. I don’t often feel like a “normal” teenager, but it always is nice when I can hang out, eat junk food, and relax with my friends. I walk away completely unstressed and relaxed and usually my stomach hurts from laughing so hard.



Top: Macy’s, Shorts: Rue 21, Scarf: Zany Zebra, Flats: Gifted, Bag: Thrifted.


2 thoughts on “A Normal Teenager

  1. Cute update post! 🙂 Don’t get too fixated on the “normal teenager”, it’s inconstant and changes depending on who’s eyes your looking through. I actually just published a post yesterday about my thoughts on the human definition of normal. Feel free to check it out! 🙂

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