Remix: Polka Dot 50’s Dress

Although I mostly do remix posts on classic and everyday pieces of clothing you never really see remix posts on party dresses. Although dressing up for parties is one of my favorite things to do, and probably many other people, it’s hard to figure out new ways to wear these gorgeously crafted pieces since their bought to be a statement. Of course dress like the LBD (little black dress) are extremely easy to wear more then once, it’s the fun dresses that stand out so I thought I would take one of my favorite dresses to show you. I bought this thrifted last summer for what I think was five or ten dollars. It’s certainly paid it’s worth! I’ve worn it pattern mixing, edgy rocker, sweet and fun, and 50’s style. It’s worked every time.

Below are the posts in this order
1. Weddings
2. And You Can See It In Her Eyes
3. Tea Party
4. Lost in the 50’s





*The Dress is vintage thrifted but I have see others that look like this by modcloth and forever 21.

*Dress is a vintage thrifted dress but you can find look a likes on the web such as modcloth or forever 21.


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