Thinspiration and why you should ignore it

I’ve never done a post like this before but in light of the most recent event that has come to my attention I feel like I should. Last year women, and teenage girls especially took “Thinspiration” from the thigh gap. Feet together thighs apart was the motto and many girls believed that they needed to achieve this to be “pretty”. However it is not possible to have one through healthy exercise and eating. Therefore to achieve this “high standard of beauty” girls turn to eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.
Taken from google.

When I heard about this trend it had been brought about by social media about how unhealthy it was. Just recently I was browsing online teen vogue when I saw an article on the “Bikini Bridge” I had never heard of this and clicked on the article. Teen Vogue was bringing awareness to this awful trend.

This is the link for the article I found.

A bikini bridge is where your hip bones protrude from your body and your stomach is so flat that when you lay down in a bikini it creates a shadow on your stomach or a “bridge”
I am horrified.
To think that girls try and achieve this is sickening. Yes there may be girls who have bodies that are naturally thin but they are far and few between. I myself have a friend who is naturally a size zero; she is just one of those girls who is extremely tiny, but she is still healthy because that is her body’s genetics. I also have a friend who is a size ten. That is her body normally because it is her healthy size. It is pointless for girls to try and achieve these ridiculous standards of beauty because they are not healthy. I do not have either of these trends and I never plan on having them. I am proportioned to her body type. The weight I am at and the way I look is how I have always looked. I am healthy because I exercise. I’m on the swim team and I dance twice a week for two hours at a time. I’m happy with my body because it is strong, and it’s getting stronger. Girls my age need to look at their bodies and realize how amazing they are. Your body produces blood, filters oxygen, keeps your heart beating, transmits neurons for your brain, lets you know when you need food, water, the list goes on and on. Your body is capable of giving birth! You have to look at your body and realize how strong it is and its potential. It’s perfectly fine to want a healthy body, especially if you feel if your not as healthy as you could be. I want all teen girls everywhere to realize this because I do have low self esteem days. It took me a long time to get my self esteem to where it is at today. So when you see pictures like that you don’t think “I want my body to look like that” you think “I want my body to work at it’s highest capability because it is amazing and it deserves the best.” It is so important for girls to know this, and for boys as well, because we are slammed with images from social media every single day showing us how we should look. We as human beings need to realize the importance of this message and pass it along because it’s not about how your body looks, it’s about how your body feels.

*Disclaimer I am not a doctor nor do I consider myself an expert on heath by any means. I know that bodies and health range dramatically and that health ranges from person to person. My message is that I hope girls look not to unhealthy images of pushing their body where it shouldn’t be, but look to inspiration showing bodies at their best.


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