Wanderlust My Summer Adventure

Taken from the Rick Steves website.

My summer plans everyone! This is my giant adventure for the summer and it’s coming up really soon. My mom, grandma, brother, and I are all leaving for three weeks to go on a tour of Europe. Our tour is pictured above and we’re going with Rick Steves Tour Company. We leave almost immediately after my brother and I get out of school, and then we come back the first of July. I’ve never been transatlantic before and I can barely contain my excitement at it. We arrive in Rome, where our trip starts, a few days early and then join our tour guide and the rest of our group. We are traveling by bus and staying two nights in Rome, Tuscany, Florence, Venice, Tirol, Austria, Swiss Alps, Switzerland, Burgundy, France and Paris. Except for Burgundy which we stay one night in, everywhere else we stay for several nights to really explore the city. We’re staying a couple of extra days in Paris to see Versailles, and the Eiffel Tower since our tour doesn’t hit these tourist spots before we fly out home. While I have traveled out of the country before, it has never been quite as far as Europe. As we leave very shortly the next coming weeks will have more and more traveled themed posts. I’m extremely excited for my summer plans, what else are you all doing for summer?


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