The Chronicles Of Adventure

I finished My drawing. I’m not good at drawing so I’m at the beginner stage where I copy pictures to learn the techniques. I’m not sure who drew the drawing since I found it on Pinterest but it’s beautiful.

My week has been this crazy mess. I’ve been trying to blog and study and pack for Europe all at the same time. Finals week is this week, and I also have loads of posts to do. Not to mention pack. My dance recital was this past Saturday which was so much fun. I has a ballet dance in which we dances across the floors and at the barre. I also had hip hop where we danced to a mass up of songs and had several freestyle movements, and I danced in jazz. Jazz was one of my favorites because we danced to the song all that jazz, and got to dance with canes and hats. The hip-hop dance people went really wild cheering for us which was amazing. The weekend flew by, and this coming week is going to fly by outside the tests. (Not so much while I’m taking them) So have a wonderful week!
I took a selfie in my jazz costume at my dance recital last night. I had Jazz, hip-hop, and ballet. It was so tiring but amazing and I love recitals. The crowd got really into our hip-hop dance and was really cheering.

I love this idea of flowers in mason jars. I want to think of a post for ways to decorate with mason jars.

I made a smoothie one morning of bananas, strawberries, cinnamon, soymilk, and peanut butter. It was so good.


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