Art On The Walls

I love that my room’s wall which used to be really bare and empty, became so filled with art and random pieces and things I find inspiring. I love that my skills as an artist are progressing and I think art is a great way to decorate. I like grouping pieces together based on size; my map and other pictures, medium; my pastel pictures, or just randomly; such as my Eiffel Tower, Native-American drawing, and my poem. It’s a great way to add character to your walls either by your own works, or by another.


A poem by Scott Poole that my mother gave me, a photo of the Effiel Tower, and a Native-American inspired piece I made for art class.


A world map, and pictures of two of my favorite paintings; Two girls in a field by Renoir, and The whirlpools of Awa by Hiroshige.


The Cheshire Cat my cousin painted for me when I was little.


My uncle made this out of cassette tapes.


From top to bottom all original pieces; a bucket list made pretty, some pastels from a class I took, A spiral galaxy with the flower of life in the center, and a portrait done of Lucy Lu.


My mimic piece that I copied to learn the artist’s technique.


An abstract Autumn Tree. Also original.


A wine bottle that I covered in paper and abstractedly painted on. Can you tell abstract is my favorite way to paint?


A fashion collage. Collage is something I love doing on rainy days.


Another collage I made, this one had a bit more meaning behind it. About makeup and superficiality reminding me to not get caught up in it.


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