May Monthly Favorites

My favorite Youtuber video of the month was Sia’s Chandelier video. I love how young dancer Maddie Ziegler of Dance Moms preforms as a young Sia, and it’s just so weird.

My favorite song for this month was The Script’s Hall of Fame.
The Script #3 Artwork

My favorite app of the month was Chictopia for the iPhone. Whenever I was stuck on a outfit to wear I could look at inspiration before school.

My favorite movie was Maleficent. I just saw it this past Friday with my friends and I thought it was an amazing movie. I loved the special effects and the costumes. The trailer lead me to believe that it would be more action packed but I enjoyed it even more because it wasn’t. It flowed almost exactly like a bedtime story only with a different twist to it. Plus Angelina Jolie looked amazing.

My favorite blog of the month was The Clothes Horse. It’s written by Rebecca and she posts everything from outfits, to hair, makeup, remixed posts, movie & book reviews, and magazine editorials that inspire her. I love her retro sense of style and how she shares the things that inspire her because I end up often taking a lot of inspiration from that as well.

c 2

My favorite book of the month was The Giver by Lois Lowery. It is about a community set in the future were everything is perfect and everyone is the same. The Elder’s who run the community pick your spouse, children, and jobs. You are released at a certain age and if you break any of the rules severally enough you can be released as punishment. The protagonist Jonas is picked by the Elder’s to be the receiver of memories, because none of the community members have memories from the years past. When he begins to receive these memories he learns a terrible truth about the Elder’s and the community. It’s a great read that goes by quickly and I would definitely recommend it.

One of my skincare/body favorites of the month was Banana Boat’s summer color self tanning lotion. I am extremely pale and wanted to get some summer color but I wasn’t going to go tanning outside or in a tanning bed. I also have a fear that I’ll look like an Oompa Loompa if I spray tan incorrectly or I use bad lotion so I researched I could make sure that wouldn’t happen. I love this lotion. It comes out tinted and lightens as you rub it in. It gradually tans your skin in a nice bronzed way. I, for the first time in my life, had people commenting on how tan I was. Only downside, I used it on my face as well and I have a sneaky feeling it contributed to my bad breakouts this month.

Like I mentioned above I had some bad breakouts this month and I used this to try and make sure I was getting ride of any dry skin, clogged pores, leftover makeup or anything else that might have been giving me acne. It leaves me skin feeling super squeaky clean and I love it.

My favorite nail polish of the month is Sally Hanson in Nude Now. It’s not a super light nude color, it’s just dark enough to notice that it’s a nude nail polish, but the brush and formula is nice and it felt perfect for spring/summer.

My favorite drink of the month was Moroccan Mint tea. I used to hate herbal tea because I thought it was too weak but this tea is perfect for relaxing at night and it strong enough that I don’t need sugar.

I just bought this at the end of the month, but I wish I had it the entire month. I am so obsessed. I love this. Nude eyeliner is supposed to really brighten and wake up your eyes, but I look like I’ve just had eighteen hours of sleep when I put this on. Love it so much and I’ve worn it every day since I bought it.


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