Travel Bag; Skin, Hair and Body


Since I showed you what was in my makeup bag that I’m bringing to Europe I thought it only right to show you my toiletries as far as hair, body and skincare. The bag that I’m bring these in is from the Rick Steves website but I’m not sure the exact name as my mom ordered it.

From top left corner
1. Dove Moisturizing soap. I don’t know if some hotels provide soap but many of them don’t and Dove is the best way to go.
2. A razor for obvious reasons.
3. Feminine products also for obvious reasons.
4. Clean and Clear Acne cream in case of a breakout.
5. Clean and Clear morning burst face wash which I am probably going to use at night since that is when my skin feels the worst.
6. Olay fresh effects makeup remover. Since we are going for three weeks I bought a full sized one and didn’t bother with eye makeup remover.
7. Speed Stick deodorant, because no one ever anywhere wants to be that person.
8. Johnson’s baby lotion for my body moisterizer, a gentle classic.
9. Clinique dramatically different moisturizer for my face. I hear it’s brilliant.


Because I have braces I need to put more thought into my tooth care than a normal person, so I’m packing;
1. A travel sized Phillips sonic-care toothbrush. I love the packaging!
2. Rubber bands for my braces at night.
3. Braces teeth cleaners. (I’m not actually sure what their called) to get under my wires.
4. Toothpaste, an obvious duh product.


1. Bobby pins for bad hair days.
2. Hair ties.
3. A small brush, mine is from Conair.
4. Shampoo in a travel sized container; Pantene Volume.
5. Conditioner; Pantene Volume.


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