New Updates & Why I Haven’t Been Posting


This is huge news for me, but I have an account with Teen Vogue’s Fashion Click; I submitted one of my posts to their 2014 Prom Contest and my post was selected to enter. It’s now on Teen Vogue’s Website! This may not seem like a big deal to you guys but it is so huge for me because it means that my blog is becoming more on the radar. I was so excited to learn the news, but I was unable to share it because I was in Europe at the time. Now I can and I hope you guys are as excited to learn this news as I am to share it!

Link to the post.

Veggie Tacos from my first day back.

In other news, I got back Tuesday from my Europe trip and the second day back contracted a stomach bug. I’m in a lot of pain and really haven’t been able to do anything besides sit in bed and groan, or binge watch Pretty Little Liars (Netflix just added season 4) I will be posting a 4th of July outfit post as I did manage to go watch the parade but there isn’t going to be a lot of posting until I get better.

All these foreign magazines. I’m doing a Europe haul soon so wait for that.

A juice bar just opened up in my town. It’s so good!

From the 4th of July parade.

How much do these remind you of sailor moon?


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