Day 2: Exploring Rome before the tour

St. Maria’s Basilica.

Our second day in Rome consisted of us exploring and getting our sea legs in this foreign country before we had to start our fast paced tour. We had our breakfast in the hotel and I drank my first European hot chocolate. It is so much better than hot chocolate you might make at home with water and a packet. It’s foamy and creamy, absolute heaven on earth. (And they consider hot chocolate to be perfectly acceptable to have with breakfast, which I am quite fine with.) We lounged around a bit, and then began exploring the streets. We went into St. Maria’s Basilica, which was quite beautiful. We thought it was enormous but it was apparently quite small, compared to others throughout Italy.

We then later walked around exploring, and stopping to get gelato, we got completely turned around and lost but it didn’t really matter because we got to see the beautiful city. We walked to see the Trevi Fountain which happened to be closed for repairs but was still beautiful even without the water. After making our way there we weaved our way down to see the Spanish Steps.

I had not realized what the Spanish steps exactly were, but as soon as you see them you think “Roman Holiday”. Audrey Hepburn’s movie Roman Holiday was filmed here and it was amazing to see it in person. I also poked my head into H&M wondering if they would have anything different in Italy than in America. Of course I’m in Italy and I go into an American store. Sign of a true shopaholic. It was amazing exploring the city before our tour started because it gave us a feel for how it really worked, plus it gave us time to get lost, before the tour began, because that’s really the only way you learn a city.

Walking down the streets seeing the sights.

Street Vendors.

Rome is so beautiful.

We went in a explored the basilica.

The inside.

More pictures.

The pipe organ was huge.

Last picture of the basilica. It was absolutely beautiful.

Dress: Forever 21, Scarf: Vintage, Sandals: Barrowed from mom, Bag: Eagle Creek.

Taken on the Spanish steps.

Walking along the streets.


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