Day 3: Tour Begins

An example of street names.

Day 3 for us was the day the tour began. The tour started later in the afternoon after lunch so in the morning my family and I all got up and then went to a museum close by. It was quite large and all about Roman sculptures, coins, tapestry and art and how it tied into the history and myths of Rome. It was amazing and the coins were my favorite parts.

We ate lunch in this little restaurant close by the museum and we had to hurry so we would make it back in time for the tour to begin. We all shared a fish, and the waiter cleaned it right at the table. EW. The most interesting thing about Europe and their restaurants is that if you sit down at a table and have a waiter serve you, you are charged for sitting. This is especially true for outside cafes. We were at first amazed at the prices, but your really paying not just for the meal, water, bread, and the service, your also paying for the tablecloth, and the location. Outdoor cafes are perfect for people watching, which many people do.

When we were done with our meal we walked back to the hotel. The tour group met up in the little area where we all ate breakfast in the morning. Stephan, our guide, and his touring assistant Miles, introduced themselves and then everyone went around and introduced themselves and their families. Much like on the first day of school except we didn’t play a name game. There were seven families, including us, and a wide range of ages. The we started off on our walking tour.

The walking tour lasted until dinnertime to which Stephan lead us back to the hotel. We saw the Trevi fountain, the Pantheon, and numerous church’s. Their names unfortunately have escaped me because I didn’t write them down. It drizzled a little bit while we were walking. I felt bad for some of the tour members who were in sandals and flip-flops. Cobblestone streets are slippery, especially in the rain. We went to dinner in this out of the way restaurant which served us a four course traditional Italian meal. The most amazing food ever, Italy has my heart with their food. We walked back to the Pantheon and several fountains just as dusk was settling and it was positively breathtaking in the rain. Rain makes everything better, and it was like an old Audrey Hepburn movie walking to the hotel.


I think this was the Spanish Embassy.

Pictures from the Spanish steps I forgot to put in the last post.

My Audrey Hepburn fangirl inside me squealed so hard when I realized that the steps from the movie were the same ones I was sitting on.

Walking at dusk.

The writing on an Egyptian obelisk statue.

I hope I’m not boring you with all the pictures.

Our tour started in the afternoon so we spent the morning in a museum. They had quite old coins. Unfortunately I can’t tell you anything about them because all the museum information was in Italian.

Skirt: Liz Clayborne, Skirt: H&M, Shoes: Mum’s, Bag: Eagle Creek.

Stephen our tour guide guiding us on the walking tour.

A beautiful church. The architecture here is amazing.

Picture of the family tour.

The inside of a church.

The Pantheon. It’s so breathtaking and it really shows how small you are. The Romans wanted people to feel intimidated, like they were looking up at a house of the gods to show how small and insignificant they were.

One more picture and the peaks of an umbrella.

This huge hole in the dome lets in light (and rain) It was pouring outside so the area was roped off where the rain trickled in.

More of the inside.

Fountains at night, and in the rain are the best thing ever.

Selfie in the drizzle of rain after dinner. The woman who’s restaurant we ate in spoke no English and there was no menu. You ate the dish of the day which for our tour group was a traditional four course meal. It was FANTASTIC.

An artfully blurred photograph. Just kidding, it’s bad and blurry but I thought it looked cool.


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