Day 4: Seeing The Colosseum and Pouring Rain

It began pouring during breakfast. Very rainy but extremely pretty.

Day Two of the tour but day Four for us. The day stared with a rainy breakfast while we were briefed on how the day was going to shape up. We were going to see the Colosseum and the forum beside it before having a free afternoon. We took a metro to the Colosseum and met our tour guide outside. We often had tour guide in museums or specific sights so we could really fully understand the significance of the sight. Our tour guide told us about the area around the Colosseum and showed us pictures of what it had originally looked like.

It was extremely crowded and after we got the whole group inside we stopped in a little sloped hallway area. The guide explained to us how they would keep animals, slaves, or gladiators in these places before the Romans would release them to the arena. They would watch animals fight animals, slaves fight animals, or gladiators face off. That was their form on entertainment, much like how we watch bloody action films now to entertain us. A real life hunger games, although much less elaborate.

Later when the group got up and went to the next stop our family couldn’t find one of our bags! Turns out we had left it there when we moved on. There was nothing important in it, thank goodness, and we were really lucky because someone turned it into the lost in found, but we could have never seen it again. It was the only potential disaster that our family ever had.

When we left the Colosseum after exploring it a bit more it began pouring buckets. When I say buckets I’m really not kidding. By the time we got back to the hotel later that day I was chilled to the bone and took a hot shower to feel warmer. We walked to the Forum our tour guide asked us if we wanted to go back to the hotel or to see the Forum, so the whole group trudged on.

We all just walked through, we couldn’t hear anything that the guide was saying because of how loud the rain was, and I was seriously tempted to buy one of the umbrellas from the many men peddling them. The funny thing about these men is that early in the day they had cold water and beer because it was so hot, and the minute it started raining they had umbrellas.

We all walked through both equally admiring the Forum and rushing to get someplace dry. Although you could easily spend several hours there we practically ran through and then said goodbye to our guide and walked with our group to a bus stop. We had a free afternoon so several people peeled off but we all walked to the nearest bus stop. The buses were so crowded that some of the buses could barely close their doors. So many people wanted to get out of the rain.

In the end we all decided to take the twenty minute walk back to our hotel which felt more like forty minutes.
Although really I’m glad we did it because we got to see more of Rome we wouldn’t have seen if we hadn’t gone that way. We got to our hotel and made ourselves less sopping wet. Later several families, including us, went out to eat at this wonderful Italian restaurant called Target. If you are ever in Rome definitely check it out.

We ate breakfast in this little area every morning. Always croissants and hot chocolate for me.

Sitting on the computer. The wifi wasn’t working on my phone so I was checking Instagram on my computer.

The Colosseum. They were cleaning part of it which explains why it’s covered up.

More photos.

Our guide showed us photos of what it originally looked like. It was impressive in ruins I can only imagine what it would have been like fully completed.

So beautiful.

Walking around.

You feel very tiny in here.

One of the chambers/hallways were they kept people.

That is what was underneath the platform where the floor was. I believe that it was used as a fighting maze. But don’t take me up on that fact because I’m not sure it’s right.

This place was enormous.

The picture of colossal.

There were several layers that you could see.

Seeing outside a window.

A temple. The door that seems to be in the middle of nowhere used to be ground level.

It was pouring so hard.

Beautiful Ruin.

Our tour was the picture of drowned cats.


Even though we were cold and soaked to the bone it was hard not to notice how beautiful everything looked in the rain.

Tall as the sky.

I’m not really sure what that splotch in the corner is.

At the top of the stairs we could see the whole view. Everything is more impressive when you realize how small you are.

Panoramic style side view.

Another view.


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