Day 5: The Vatican and Tuscany

Entrance to Vatican City.

The walls are extremely high.

Day 5 of the tour was the last sights we saw in Rome before we went on to Tuscany. We had to get up early and eat and load the suitcases on the bus. It was our first time being on the bus and with our bus driver Phillip. The bus was enormous, a huge black and green monster. Our family overslept a bit and rushed to get onto the bus. From the bus we drove to Vatican city. We met up with our tour guide in front of the city gates before entering the museum and starting the tour of the Vatican. Fun fact, Vatican city is actually it’s own city with it’s own postal system and money. Italy fought with the Vatican city for a long time before making it part of Italy, but it’s its own country outside of Italy. The museum was beautiful extensive networks that are ever expanding because each Pope adds onto it. They had courtyards and amazing Roman architecture. It was extremely crowded and hallways would be filled with statues, tapestries, and paintings. The Sistine Chapel which was crowded to the point of uncomfortableness was huge. Only in the sense of the paintings and ceiling which towered overhead. The room itself was quite short. The tour snaked it’s way throughout the most popular and know attractions and stopped in front of St. Peter’s. We had an hour to wander around the Basilica before making our way to a meeting point. It began pouring heavily at this point and somehow we couldn’t just make our way through the courtyard. We had to wind are way around the entire thing before making our way to the meeting point. From there we walked with our tour group to the bus and drove to Tuscany. We made one or two stops along the way at rest stops, which in Europe are the coolest things ever. All the ones we stopped at were called AutoGrill and many of them were built right over the highway. The equivalent of our McDonald’s you could buy espresso, hot chocolate, grilled pannini, and buffet style food. Food like buffalo mozzarella, and seasoned steak. You were still eating in a gas station style atmosphere but the food was so much better, I even found boxed macaroons at one AutoGrill. We drove until late in the afternoon to our adorable hotel in Tuscany. This was the only hotel with a pool and we were able to swim and relax for the rest of the night.

Roof tops.

The Roman architecture.

The Vatican city is beautiful.

The courtyard went for 1/2 a mile.

They had enormous sculptures, and this one turned if you pushed it hard enough.

Carved ceilings.

Isn’t this a beautiful view.

Sights to be seen.

More views of Italy.

In one of the courtyards.

The museum had statures from almost every era.

A god lounging casually.

An extremely ornate bathtub.

Gold seems to be the color of choice.

They had ancient maps of all the city states in Italy drawn almost exactly how they would have been taken in an aerial shot.

Tapestries and paintings.

Statues lining the buildings.

Imposing buildings are seem to be quite common.

What now is the employee’s parking lot was an amazing outdoor courtyard.

It rained the last bit and so again we ended up soaked on the bus ride to Tuscany.

Our hotel in Tuscany was so cute!

I know you guys don’t care about what it looks like but the whole room was adorable.

The view out of our window.

The streets.

We ate breakfast here every morning we stayed. Dessert and fuze-ball was amazing every night.


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