Day 6: Florence

Streets of gorgeous colors.

This is one of the day’s where I have fewer shots. Maybe you guys like less pictures and more explaining, or more pictures and less explaining? We took a bus ride into Florence, the hotel was half and hour away, and went to see the beautiful streets and museums of Florence. Our tour group split up into two groups and had tour guides specialized in Florence history show us around. It’s nice to have the tour guides give us a more in depth picture of the history of certain building, paintings and statues, however because of time and crowded museums you don’t get to spend as much time looking as you may like. We had two museum tours that day, one when our group first arrived, and one after lunch. In between we had some free hours where my family got semi-lost trying to find our way to the street fair. Florence is known for their leather goods and I wanted to buy a leather jacket. Good news! I did and it will soon make it’s debut on the blog! Our tour group met up to see the second museum, this one including Michelangelo’s David. The statue was amazing, and extremely tall. Of course I noticed that first because of how short I am. After we went and got shaved ice as this amazing tucked away gelato store, before riding back to our hotel. Dinner? Homemade ravioli that the group got a demo on how to make.

I thought this stature was really weird. Probably why I took a picture of it.

This enormous church, if you look closely you can see how dirty it is. Everywhere we went we saw old buildings being cleaned. They become twice as magnificent when they’re clean.

A cleaner side of the same church.

They often cover the buildings they’re cleaning with sheets of plastic. Most of the time the plastic looks like the building underneath but this one was a work of art.

My weird face. Always selfies since I took about two outfit posts total.

A river view from a museum window.

This is actually the first time I’ve seen latte art.

The famous Michelangelo’s David. He was such a large statue, and the room was so crowded you could only get a full picture far away.


Someone’s arch over their gate entrance.

The Birth of Venus is one of my favorite paintings.

My goodness! I wonder what’s happening here?

An extremely blurry shot of a pasta making demo. The hotel cook showed us how to make ravioli. Delicious!


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