Rosy-Gold Eyeshadow Tutorial

You Need:
Liquid Liner
Eyeshadow brush
Gold eyeshadow, my quad is Maybelline Give Me Gold
Pink eyeshadow, or if you don’t have any use blush.
My blush is Covergirl’s Cheekers in Classic Pink and Snow Plum.

Take the bright pink and load it all over your lids working into the crease. If you have oily eyelids or the color isn’t very pigmented use a primer.

Take the second blush, or pink eyeshadow, this one in a peach color and use it to highlight your browbone.

Make sure to do the same to the inner corner of your eye.

Now with the gold eyeshadow quad, we are going to use all but the dark brown color. First take the burnt gold color and load it onto your brush.

Blend into the crease in a windshield wiper motion. Make sue to blend really well so their isn’t any harsh lines.

Take the yellow gold eyeshadow and blend it onto the outer-V of your eye. Make sure to also blend well.

Take the lightest shade and blend it onto your lower lashline.


Put on the liquid liner and mascara. Do a heavier liner since this is a bolder look.

Viola! Your Done!


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