I wonder how Alice felt falling
down the rabbit hole?
If she screamed and
felt her heart in her throat.

Or maybe she felt happy, because
she wasn’t by the river bank
with a book that had no pictures

And I wonder how Alice felt
going through Wonderland?
If she really loved it there?
If the adventures were scary or
did they make her leap with excitement?
I wonder how she felt when she woke up?
If she wished she had never left,
or that she never wanted to go back.

I wonder if she choose to go through the looking glass?
Did she ever come back?
back to our world with it’s plain and boring rules
with our books that have no pictures.
Did she stay with the Hatter and drink tea
celebrate her non-birthdays
and have nonsense adventures?

I know if I were Alice, I would stay.
Stay in my nonsense world where it didn’t matter
what I did or who I was.
You must think I’m mad,
To Stay in a world like that.
Thankfully, I am.
And your not.

*Original poem


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