Day 8: Last Day in Venice

Getting on the ferry to go to the beach.

Another day with very few photographs. We had a free day today. Several of the tour group gathered and took a ferry to another part of the island and went to the beach. It was so nice to be on the beach and to actually just have fun in the water. The ocean is my favorite place. We walked around, laid in the sun and swam. At one point the group started playing chicken fights but I couldn’t stay on my partners shoulders! I gave the group a lot of laughs as I fell of backwards twice. I got to lay in the hot sun and relax before coming back to the hotel. The rest of the day went by fast because I collapsed on the bed and fell into a wonderful nap. You know when your younger and you hated taking naps? Well I never felt like I slept better than that day. You don’t realize how tired you become when you’re traveling. Dinner that night our group went to this little restaurant that our tour guide said had good squid ink pasta. Unfortunately it was packed and so our family and another family went to different restaurants. Stephan lead us to another restaurant that had good reviews and we had the most amazing food only made better with good conversation. Although it’s weird as a teenager I sometime find it easier to converse with adults than with my peers. Meals are made ten times better when you have a good atmosphere and conversation. We walked back late to the hotel with almost completely deserted streets. We even caught the tail end of the World Cup Game. Unfortunately I can’t remember which game.

Walking in the hot sun.

This was the only time we spent on the beach the whole trip.

I love the beach so much. This was a nice one.

A place where the sky and the ocean meet.

My grandma took a photo of my mom, brother and I. Our Venice hotel room had this little patio. No view but it was still nice.

After dinner we walked back to the hotel room and took a detour to this bridge.

Doesn’t this seem like it’s a dream?

One last picture.

The streets were completely empty and it seemed peaceful. It almost seemed like there wasn’t anyone else.


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