Graffiti Alley


We have this alley way downtown filled with art. It’s called the downtown spray paint project and instead of being viewed as vandalism it’s viewed as art. I think graffiti is often overlooked as an art medium and it is amazing how talented the artists are. You actually can volunteer apart of the project at my high school. I didn’t do it last year but I’m becoming more open to the idea of trying spray paint out. I’ve only done one other post in this alley and I’m hoping to do more. The colors on the wall translated so well to my outfit. I know it’s surprisingly not summer but I was feeling the flannel. Summer and winter are actually the worst seasons for me. Extreme heat and extreme cold. I can’t deal well with either. That’s why I’m already getting so excited for fall.






Shirt: DIY, Shorts: Macy’s, Shirt: LLBean, Shoes: Forever 21, Bag: Thrifted.


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