Day 14: The City Of Love

Entire the grounds of the castle.

In the morning after we woke up and had breakfast we loaded all of our things onto the bus and drove for half an hour to a local castle. This castle is has been in the works for over ten years. Over seventy people are employed through this non-profit project where they use all medieval methods and tools to build a medieval castle. It's amazing. They have an entire village and everyone has different jobs like creating rope, stone, mining stone, giving the tours for all the tourists. We spend several hours there and even had a picnic outside. then we drove off to the City of Love. We dropped off our suitcases at our hotel and said goodbye to our bus driver. We then took the metro to the Louvre museum and grabbed a quick bite to eat. We split into two smaller groups and took a guided tour of the museum. There is so much of the museum to see but we had to get the overview tour. We stopped to see different paintings and learned about the history of the museum. Yes we did see the Mona Lisa but there (Of course) was an enormous crowd around it and so I couldn't really get pictures or stop to look at the details. It is much smaller than people realize in person. After the tour our group walked around Paris over the famous Locks of Love bridge. We ended the walking tour by going on a boat tour where you could see an overview of Paris in all it's glory. The boat tour was amazing although a bit chilly as we got to see all the views of Paris from the water. Our night ended at this amazing restaurant know for its flaming crepes. I didn't have any, where we all had late night dinner/snacks and talked until eleven. A magical first day in Paris.

Part of the castle project.

All of these buildings were built using tools and methods from the medieval times.

Part of the castle.

This castle has been in construction for ten or twenty years and won’t be finished for another fifteen years.

There was an entire village of houses just like what the middle ages would have looked like.

Everything is done by hand.

It’s amazing to see these volunteers work on this castle. There are few jobs in the region of Burgundy and many people go to Paris to find jobs, this castle creates over 70 jobs for the area.

My first glimpse of Paris.

The streets of the city of Love.

The inside of the famous Louvre museum.

It would take six months of weekly visits to see the entire museum. Not rushing through it of course.

Napoleon the III’s apartments were beautiful and showed how lavish the kings lived. For a time the kings, and emperors lived in the Louvre and used it as a palace.

One of the hallways.

Gold and red are used to decorate these castle because they were the richest and most lavish ornamental during the time.

Quite detailed don’t you think?

It wasn’t until quite recently that they discovered the original foundations of the museum.

The glass palace.

The famous pyramid.

Locks of love.

Populating among the rivers is something many people do.

We took a long boat tour showing us the overview of Paris and it’s attractions and beauty.

The Musee d’Orsay. They had a museum exhibit featuring Van Gogh.

The most lavishly decorated bridge.

Views from the boat.

Our first sighting of the Eiffel tower.

It was quite hard to get a full shot from the boat.


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