Day 15: Last Day of our Tour

Our tour group.

Our last day of the tour. The group woke up bright and early and had breakfast and went on a walking tour of the city. This walking tour lasted until around lunchtime. We walked through several of the districts in Paris starting at our hotel and ending next to the Notre Dame cathedral. My family went and ate lunch at a restaurant nearby and then went and saw the beautiful rose windows and the inside of the cathedral. Our tour group was supposed to meet up at five for our last dinner together. When it got later and we got tired we went to head back to the hotel. We ended up spending a long time trying to learn how the metro worked. I think that it’s best when you’re in a new city to get completely and utterly lost because that’s know you learn how the city really works. We ended up hopping on a bus which stopped several blocks away from where we wanted. At that point we were really confused and a kind citizen took pity on us and helped us figure out what metro line to take. We then took the metro and finally got to the hotel just as everyone was coming downstairs to go to dinner. We changed and then walked to the restaurant. An all french speaking place that served us the traditional french meal. I think my favorite part of that meal was the goat cheese salad. This trip made me realize how yummy goat cheese is, and that salad was amazing. My mouth waters just thinking about it. After dinner we all rode the metro out to the Eiffel tower to see it sparkle at midnight. It was so beautiful. Absolutely breathtaking I had to keep pinching myself to remind myself that it was all real. Here comes the funny story of the night. Of course the last night of the tour we have to have something to remember it by. We walked back to the metro but line was closed. So we walked up and had to walk to the nearest bus area. All the buses we done for the night and Stephen was calling all the taxi services trying to get rides for everyone. But all the taxi’s we all reserved. People were driving by shouting and screaming because Algeria had tied in the World Cup that night. From the way people had been screaming you would have thought they’d been crowded emperors of the world, they were so excited. We finally got a taxi and everyone agreed that our family sound get it first because of my grandma. We got in the taxi and got back to the hotel at one in the morning. However the next night we found out from everyone else that they had to walk five or six miles back to our hotel. Free taxi’s had only come every hour and several of the people didn’t even get into taxi’s at all. Not funny at all when it was happening but relaying the story was hilarious. Everyone hugged goodbye that night or the next morning at breakfast and said goodbye to all the friends we made on the trip.

051 (2)
Swooping birds flying free over the city.

056 (2)
Flowers are one of my favorite things to photograph.

059 (2)
Golden gates.

062 (2)
The most famous macaroon store in existence. In my book anyway.

065 (2)
It’s crazy expensive but I was so happy to be in there.

069 (2)
Don’t these look amazing?

070 (2)
Yes, Yes, and triple Yes.

071 (2)
All their flavors.

072 (2)
More pastries.

073 (2)
My family bought a box and split them up. I tried; chocolate, leamon, coffee, stawberry, vanilla, and rose petal. An true enough Rose petal tastes exactly like how you would imagine rose petals would taste.

075 (2)
We also had coffe in there tea house which was the cutest thing ever.

085 (2)
Winged statues.

089 (2)
These amazing gardens had people everywhere, sunbathing, drawing, talking, eating, reading, and sleeping.

092 (2)
Amazingly calm pounds of water that had kids sailing little boats in them.

094 (2)
It was quite hot and this water looked amazing.

098 (2)
Even in Paris I will go to the bookstores.

099 (2)
I found a french Harry Potter book. Is that not amazing?!

112 (2)
The Notre Dame.

116 (2)
These windows are breathtaking.

122 (2)
One of the famous Rose Windows.

123 (2)
It is even more breathtaking in person.

128 (2)
Candles and Prayers.

135 (2)
Another one.

140 (2)
A close up of these gorgeous windows.

146 (2)
The Eiffel Tower at night.

156 (2)
Walking underneath it.

166 (2)
Seeing it sparkle.


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