Happy Birthday Blog! Year 1!


Happy Birthday Bienvenue à l’aventure!

It’s been one year ago that I first created Bienvenue à l’aventure, or Welcome To Adventure as it’s better known. I’m so happy how far it’s come just in the first year. I figured out what blogging was in sixth grade when my family went on a nine month trip in our sailboat. (To read about our adventures on the sailboat and in the Bahamas go to our family blog http://curtisfamilyadventures.wordpress.com/) When I came back and entered seventh grade I was as passionate about fashion as I am now and I wanted a place to let it out. My old blog Kelikat was started that year and I began learning how to really blog. I cringe at my old pictures and posts. (Note to self: Shooting indoors is a bad idea, and more than one sentence is needed) While I was blogging I wasn’t blogging seriously, didn’t realize I could do it professionally, and had no idea how to write a good post or take good photos. I also wasn’t expressing myself as much as I wanted to be because I had a hard time in middle school and didn’t feel comfortable enough to wear all the crazy stuff I do now, or actually write what I really wanted to write. I deleted Kelikat and started Bienvenue à l’aventure. I now try and blog at least three posts a week, and I want to be a professional journalist and blogger when I enter the career field. It’s only been a year but Bienvenue à l’aventure has become so much better and is leaps and bounds better than my first posting days. Here’s to more days ahead!

Kelly Then.
Taken the summer before eighth grade.

photo4 (2)
Kelly Now.
Taken this year.

My First Post On Bienvenue à l’aventure.



Posts taken throughout the year.

First Day of school.



One of my winter posts.



Taken in Las Vegas.



One of the themed posts which I am very proud of.



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