Day 16: Versailles

The golden gates.

Now our family stayed a couple of days after our tour ended to see more of Paris. Several other families on the tour did this as well. The day after the tour ended we and another family went together to Versailles. It was a half an hour train ride out and then a five-minute walk to the palace. The palace was extremely crowded and very lavish. We stayed until lunchtime exploring the castle and the grounds. After riding the train back out to Paris, my family went to Lafayette galeries which is the largest shopping center in Paris, I believe. We ran into another family that had been on the tour and we all arranged to have dinner together, as both of the families were leaving the next day. We shopped around a bit more and then to the train ride back to our hotel so we could have some downtime before we left for dinner. We went back to have dinner at the restaurant known for its flaming crepes and had a long and wonderful dinner.

A bedroom fit for a king.

I think every little girl wants a chandelier in her room.

Grandfather clock.

The grounds outside are amazing, and on Saturday’s they run all of the fountains so you can see them in there glory.

Details in one of the rooms. This was the main entrance into the hall of mirrors.

Statues in the gardens.

Entering the hall of mirrors.

Take a look at those feather plumes.

I posted so many photos of Versailles to my instagram.

A very girly bedroom, an someone taking a picture of it.

More pictures of the outside of Versailles.

Another photo of this bedroom. Probably my favorite place is the entire palace.

I love skeleton keys. I wonder what it unlocks? (Just Kidding)

The royals dined in this room.

This is one of, if not the largest shopping center in Paris.

The veiw fro up top of the gallery.

We went back to the same restaurant as before. I ordered the cheese plate as my appetizer and this is what happened.


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