Late Summer Days


I’m sorry for the lack of outfit posts lately. I know I’ve been on kind of an overload with the polyvore sets but I’m gathering inspiration for my fall back to school wardrobe. All the inspiration and my back to school essentials will be in a post soon. This past week I’ve had swim practice in the mornings from seven to nine, and then a ballet intensive from one to five. Any outfit posts I could do have been very limited as I come home and nap from exhaustion. I preformed at our local arts and crafts fair downtown just today doing two ballet pieces and a modern. I’ve just gotten into modern this summer and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite dance classes. I also registered for early fall sports and had my ASB picture taken. I actually look human in the picture! You know how awful pictures look for ID cards, school, work, drivers permits/licenses. I’m getting back into the swing of blogging and a lot more posts are going to be coming up that aren’t trip posts/polyvore sets.


Top: Jcpenney, Tank: Arizona, Shorts: Macy’s.


3 thoughts on “Late Summer Days

  1. That outfit has some really nice pieces that make it go so well together!
    Im a Swedish Blogger based in London, would be awesome if you could check out my blog 😀

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