How To Cut Your Own Bangs


I’m sure there are some women out their who feel the same way I do. My brother can do in and have his whole head saved and he will pay twelve bucks for the haircut. I go in and I want my bangs and split ends trimmed and I pay twenty dollars. Don’t even get me started on what my idea is trimmed is vs what my hairdresser actually gives me. My bangs were getting out of control, they really couldn’t even qualify as bangs anymore. I thought about it and I figured that it would just be easier to cut my bangs myself. So Don’t be intimidated! It’s really easy! You need a comb and scissors. (Duh) Pull everything but your bangs away from your face. Note how long my bangs were before I cut them. Wet your comb and brush through your bangs. Cut your bangs longer than you want so if that horrific nightmare happens, and you cut lopsided you can do damage control. You can pull your comb to the desired length and the cut or you can use your fingers as a guide. I used my fingers. Viola! Much better! Trust me it’s a lot easier and way less scary then you would think.







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