Day 18/19: Just another day in Paris

The ceiling at Galeries Lafayette.

I’ve decided to combine the last two days of Paris together because I don’t have enough pictures to do two full different posts. We didn’t get out of the hotel until quite late. My mom and I left to get croissants from a bakery and managed to get ourselves quite turned around. Our last days we really just explored the city. We had to go to bed earlier both days and begin packing to go back home as it was near the end of our journey. My brother wanted to go to a flea market so we asked around and rode the metro down to the end of the line to where a flea market was. It wasn’t exactly the antique flea market that might automatically come to mind but it was fun to explore. We explored Galeries Lafayette again, and packed up all of our things for the trip home.

There were five or six floors here with the cafeteria, rooftop, bookstore, two women floors, accessories, beauty, and their was a whole other building which had many floors for men.

Gold was the decorating color of choice.

A panoramic rooftop view.

The arc de triomphe.

Ladies and gentleman this is the best drink on the planet.

Impressive building.

An oddly cool statue, and a child playing on it.

One last photo of the Eiffel tower.


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