Day 20: Coming Home

Morning Paris. I will miss you.

Coming Home! Coming back to my dad and my dog! I missed them so much! Sleeping in my own bed and showering in my own bathroom and looking at clothes that I haven’t worn in my suitcase. We got up crazy early and loaded up the final things into our suitcase, ate a quick breakfast and went downstairs to the lobby of the hotel. We had order a shuttle but it didn’t come so we had to get a taxi. We drove to the airport and found our way to the gate. International flights board an hour in advance so it was important we were so early. The entire morning I had a horrible allergy attack. I’m not allergic to anything that I know of but sometimes I get these awful attacks, nose running like a fountain, sneeze attacks, super watery eyes. It was horrid. I had this all the way up to the plane and had to ask a flight attendant for a box of tissues. Fortunately it stopped a while after we got on the plane. Our plane was an hour delayed because a little epileptic boy had a seizure on the plane just as we started turning to get on to the runway. The plane had to turn around and took the little boy and his family off the plane with paramedics. He turned out fine though. The pilot said he might have even been fine to fly. but they didn’t want him to have another seizure while we were in the air and have no way to help him. The plane had to refuel and fill out paperwork, so after an hour we were off. The plane ride was hours and hours and landed in Seattle with just enough time for us to RUN across the airport to make our flight to Spokane. We had half an hour flight and then we finally arrived home!

This is my exhausted-traveling all day in an airplane face. Of course having filters helps conceal the level of grossness I’m at.

SO excited to be home!

Airports Bleh!


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